Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

 Our SEO & SEM Services

  • We define your website with a clear focused strategy and a determined business objective
  • Determine what keywords to focus on
  • Design website around a theme with focused web pages and content
  • We hand submit your website to the major search engines and indexes
  • We verify and if necessary install Bing & Google Webmaster Tools and link those to your analytics account
  • Manually build quality links
  • Develop B2B & B2C marketing strategies

Search Engine Optimization Services

Competitor Analysis – We analyze the top-ranked competitors against your web site. We will provide a detailed keyword comparison, linking comparison, and suggest improvements for your web site.

  • Look at the top-ranked results
  • Make keyword comparisons
  • Perform an inbound link analysis
  • Suggest & implement improvements

Domain Registration – We assist you in selecting a domain name, verifying its availability, and registering your new domain on the Internet.

Full Site Analysis – We provide keyword research analysis reports, competitor analysis reports, and current search engine rankings. We use these results to create a customized action plan for your site.

  • Crawl Reports
  • Keyword Search Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Search Engine Ranking Results
  • A customized action plan

Keyword Research – We provide detailed information on keywords being used by your target audience. We recommend a list of keyword terms you should be using and analyze your site for the current utilization of these terms.

  • Create a detailed keyword list
  • Analyze the site for keywords
  • Utilize keyword density and placement based on results

Search Engine Crawl – We provide a detailed look at what the search engine crawlers find. We send an active crawler into your entire website so you see what the search engine sees!    Basic page analysis:

  • Metadata analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Link analysis
  • Site structure
  • Broken link & response code analysis (301, 302, 404, 410, 500)
  • You’ll see your site through the eyes of an actual search engine spider

Site Statistics Analysis – We analyze your web server logs to determine the most actively visited pages, least actively visited pages, referring URLs, as well as your number of hits and page views. We take these results and create a customized action plan for your site.

  • Data on most visited pages, least visited pages
  • Bounce rates
  • Geographic and demographic data
  • Discover your top referring websites
  • The number of  page views & user sessions
  • Customized action plans to increase search engine rankings, site traffic, and most importantly conversions

PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing / SEM

We will help you effectively plan a PPC marketing strategy to maximize your return on investment. We will research and manage your paid listings each month while keeping your campaigns within the agreed-upon budget. You will receive a PPC Summary Report which includes:

  • Search Terms
  • Average Bids
  • Average Position per Search Term
  • Total Number of clicks per Search Term
  • Total Cost per Search Term
  • Cost Per Click (what it actually cost you in highly visible targeted traffic)
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Transparent Account Activity & Detail Reports

Please Note: Each report is also available in CSV format. Customized reports can be individually requested. Pricing varies – per page* of the website.