Real Estate Lead Generation

What is Broker Dynamix?

Broker Dynamix is an innovative and powerful real estate lead generation technology developed by Internet Engine. This service helps brokers and agents improve lead generation activities by increasing unique real estate keyword visibility in the search engines.  We help you reach a buyer and seller when they are in the key phases of the real estate search process. We do this all without cannibalizing traffic to your existing site.

What We Do

  • We build a customized property listing website to complement your existing corporate site without cannibalizing traffic to your existing site
  • We integrate the site with your MLS RETS data or flat-file property data feed
  • We brand the site with your logo and call center number
  • We manually include the site in over 50 search engines
  • In ~6 to 8 weeks after we launch the site it generates traffic
  • We seek to capture the leads your corporate/broker site misses by focusing on traffic which isn’t broker or agent branded

How Are Leads Generated & Delivered?

Leads are delivered directly to your e-mail address or to your lead management system. Our leads are generated by requests made from the lead capture forms placed on your Broker Dynamix site.  These capture forms qualify the lead instantly because they are customers in your target area who have found you. The process is simple.

  • Potential prospects find and view your alternate Broker Dynamix website
  • They fill out the forms on your website to request assistance or additional information
  • Broker Dynamix runs the real estate leads through our integrated technology process
  • You receive the fresh, live, and exclusive real estate lead via e-mail, phone call, text notification or through your lead management system


  • No monthly maintenance or subscription fees
  • No website hosting fees
  • No ongoing expensive SEO fees
  • No long term contracts – cancel at anytime
  • Exclusive coverage of your market area
  • Pay for only exclusive, quality real estate buyer leads
  • Real estate lead quality Guarantee

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with a lead because you question its validity, you may request credit.  Once the lead is verified as invalid a credit will be issued on the next billing cycle. You may submit your request via e-mail or telephone.