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Whether you have a website or are looking to start your Internet business, Internet Engine can help. We offer a wide range of SEO and SEM services perfect for anyone, from the first-time web business to the Internet veteran. We can help you launch your first website, redevelop an existing website or work with your existing website developers to optimize traffic to your website. You can learn more about our SEO services here.

Real Estate Lead Generation with Broker Dynamix

Broker Dynamix is a unique online real estate lead generation service developed by Internet Engine. Broker Dynamix technology has been built from the ground up to maximize the Internet footprint of IDX data in order to generate high quality, organic real estate leads.

Our real estate lead generation system provides leads at a fraction of the cost of other online real estate lead generation systems and methods. Our leads are genuine and come from visitors to your Broker Dynamix site looking for specific information from you. We don’t share your leads with anyone else. All leads are exclusive to our clients since only one member for any given MLS will be able to retain our services to generate these additional real estate leads.

For only $15 per quality real estate buyer lead, ($25 per call lead) you can’t go wrong with this system. Broker Dynamix helps by:

  • Consulting with the broker to meet any special needs
  • Setting up access to the broker’s MLS(s)
  • Creating a new broker website independent of you main corporate site but with your branding which does not cannibalize your existing traffic
  • Manage all MLS updates to your new site
  • Test the site and get broker & MLS approval
  • Continually optimize (SEO) your new websites at no expense to you

The website then starts to generate real estate leads!

Web Development

Website Development:  Our web site development process takes off where most web development companies end. For examples of our work, click here. We do more than build a site.

We use specific platforms to provide the following services: Our web developers are adept with the standard L.A.M.P. software bundle which includes: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Layout Optimization: We optimize your website’s layout so that your site has the right keyword placement and keyword density to achieve a high search engine ranking. Go here for information on the importance of search engine rankings.

Customer Friendly Search Tools: If your website handles a lot of data such as real estate listings, our web team can create a customized user-friendly search tool that allows you visitors to search for specific links, information, and listings. Click here for examples of some of our work.

Professionally Written Content:  A website has to do more than look good. The product and services’ information on your site must be accessible and easy to understand. Our writing staff will make your web content understandable and user-friendly while highlighting the best features of your business.

Meta Tag Builder:  We develop search engine friendly <Title>, <Meta Description Tags>, and <Meta Keywords Tags> for each page of your web site. Our Meta Tag builder services are performed manually on each page of your site to ensure you webpages are properly submitted to the search engines.

Web Site Maintenance: Work on a website does not stop once the site is built! Our web site maintenance team will actively monitor your web site traffic patterns and usage statistics. This information is then used to develop focused keyword and search engine position strategies. To view our satisfied clients please click here.

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