Our Real Estate Clients

Long & Foster

Location: Eastern U.S.

Long and Foster needed to increase their marketing and internet reach to their customers in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., Delaware, and New Jersey while maintaining the consistency of their brand.

Our Role: By building and designing supplementary websites customized with IDX search, Long and Foster are able to expand their customer base while making Long and Foster a household name.

Southwest Florida: Prudential Florida

Location: Southwest Florida

Prudential Florida Realty needed help attracting web surfers to the sandy shores and beautiful beaches found in the southwest Florida real estate market.

Our Role: We created a custom website complete with an integrated MLS/IDX search and professionally written content that highlights the advantage of living on Florida’s southwest coast. Now Prudential Florida is receiving exclusive leads every day with numerous buyers who can’t wait to see property by the seashore!

Prudential Florida Realty

Location: South Florida.

The Keyes Real Estate Company contacted us to bring visitors to their South Florida real estate listings and to generate high, quality real estate leads for their agents.

Our Role: Using our innovative Broker Dynamix software, we have given them quality leads while increasing site traffic, and consistently maintaining the recognition of the Keyes brand between sites.

Prudential Rubloff Realty – Top Chicago Real Estate Broker

Location: Chicago, IL.

Our Role: Various SEO & special projects including a custom Market Watch email system for agents and their clients.

Five Star Real Estate

Location: Western Michigan.

Five Star Real Estate needed help in allowing their web visitors to navigate the wilds of the Michigan real estate market.

Our Role: We complemented their current brokerage website with a customized site that uses IDX/MLS search to make Five Star’s Michigan MLS easy to navigate so visitors can easily find the type of property in the town where they want to live.

Silver Canyon Realty

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Silver Canyon needed help striking it rich with buyers beyond central Las Vegas.

Our Role: We created a full search engine optimized website that works in conjunction with Silver Canyon’s main brokerage site to attract dozens of buyers who are looking to live in the gorgeous deserts of Nevada.

Watson Realty Corporation

Location: Northern and Central Florida

Watson Realty Corporation asked us to help guide more visitors to their northern and central Florida real estate listings.

Our Role: We helped them utilize the web to increase leads and transactions in the Northern and Central Florida area by creating a site that highlights the best features of their Florida property listings and created a customizable Property Search toolbar for easier navigation.

Real Estate One

Location: Michigan

Real Estate One needed our help in producing the highest quality real estate leads while increasing their presence on the web.

Our Role: By creating a custom browse site with professionally written content and additional search engine marketing, we’ve helped increase site traffic and provide quality leads for their Michigan listings.

Prudential Georgia Realty

Location: Atlanta, Georgia.

Prudential Georgia Realty needed our help in gaining great search engine traffic and Internet marketing results.

Our Role: We’ve highlighted the benefits of choosing Prudential Georgia Realty as the top Atlanta metropolitan real estate brokerage. As a result, we’ve, increase site traffic and give agents quality leads for their Georgia listings.

Porch Light Real Estate Group

Location: Denver, Colorado.

PorchLight asked us to help them attract more visitors to their real estate listings nestled amongst Colorado’s gorgeous mountains.

Our Role: We have given them quality leads while increasing site traffic, and provided search engine optimization for their site. The site comes customized with area-specific information so visitors get a taste of what it’s like to live in Colorado.

Beacon Rock

Location: New England.

Beacon Rock needed help hauling in real estate customers interested in their New England property listings.

Our Role: We have given them exclusive quality leads that are produced organically thanks to their fully optimized browse site complete with MLS/IDX search and a virtual home tour feature.

Coco, Early and Associates

Location: New Hampshire

Coco, Early, and Associates asked us to help increase their Internet footprint and generate high quality, organic leads using our innovative Broker Dynamix technology.

Our Role: Using our innovative Broker Dynamix technology we’ve helped them produce high quality, organic leads, and set them on the path of increasing their web presence.

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